15 tons of old concrete and asphalt driveway were removed and replaced with a new living landscape.  Previously the old paved surfaces shed thousands of gallons of water each year into the City of Somerville's already overburdened sewer system.  We installed an underground drainage collection system that accepts all of the water from the roofs of two houses and a permeable grass driveway that accomodates 2 cars. 

The layout and planting design was inspired by the Owner's three young children who explore and play in what their parents call their "sylvan glade".  A pathway wanders from front to back, a pattern of bluestone squares and rectancles that grow together to form gathering areas and apart to create stepping stones. 
Layers of carefully placed trees and shrubs work together to create a sense of privacy and separation from the street.   Lowbush blueberries grow along with other native edible groundcovers and perennials.  

Design + Fall 2009
Build + Spring 2010